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Understanding the Gluten Free Diet


There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the gluten free diet. A lot of people see more information out there about foods that do not contain gluten. And many have started to see this as more of a trend, as opposed to something that is necessary for people to remain healthy in their lives. We have to educate everyone regarding the reasons why some would choose to go without gluten in their diets.

what is celiac disease

And the most important thing to understand here is celiac disease. This is the reason why so many people need to avoid gluten when they are eating. The question that we often get is what is celiac disease? A lot of people are confused and they ask us what is celiac disease. The good news is that we are going to provide you with a lot of information about this condition today. We are going to tell you all about why some people have an issue with gluten in their diet.

It is NOT about preferences or trends when it comes to celiac disease. It is about the body having a bad reaction to gluten being in the system. What happens is that as soon as someone eats foods that contain gluten, they end up feeling many unpleasant symptoms. Those can include excessive gas, bloating, diarrhea, weight loss, lethargy, skin rashes and slow recovery from workouts and general activity. It is these symptoms that may lead many people to think that gluten is playing a serious role in their diet. And it is why we want to talk about it today.

The fact is that if you are feeling any of these symptoms and you think that gluten might be the reason, try going gluten free for a few days. If you feel better, it is a good indication that gluten may have been the issue for your body. Another step you can take is to make an appointment with your doctor. They can do some proper tests to see whether you have a gluten sensitivity. They can even identify if you have celiac disease. This will help you immensely.