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How to Improve YouTube Viewership


If you are a content creator, what matters to you more than anything else? You may want to say that it is the quality of what you are producing, but let us be real. If you are serious about your content and you are using this as a way of making money, only one thing matters to you on YouTube. What matters is the views that you are getting. And you are wondering how you can ensure that you are always keeping your audience engaged. We have some techniques that can help channels of different sizes and histories.

If you have a new channel, what is going to help you the most is to buy YouTube views. This is only advice for new channels, but when you buy YouTube views on your first five to ten videos, you are giving yourself a very good platform. Your videos will be much more likely to get noticed, and you will have a much easier time increasing your organic view count in the coming weeks. That is why we recommend that you find a reliable site where you can buy views, likes, subs and even comments. This will all help you as you establish your channel.

What else can you do? If you have a channel that is relatively new and expanding, you need a social media presence. This not only helps you to get people onto your videos, but it establishes you as a personality. People want more than just content. They want that content from a personality. And that is what you are going to give them. And you will have the added benefit that more people are going onto your channel and they are checking out the content that you are creating and uploading for them.

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What else works nicely? You are going to want to try and set up a routine. When you are able to create a routine, you will find that everything is better. We are not talking about a routine of how you work, but a routine of when you upload. Let us say you want to upload three times a week. You may think a random approach is fine, but having set times and days is way better. Why? Because now your audience knows when to expect a new video. It becomes a part of their routine to watch you at a certain time.

Let us say that you like to upload three times a week. Say you end up picking Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. That is some good stuff. Now you have a base, and it is even better if you say that you will upload at 12pm at a certain time zone each time. Sure, you can be ahead or behind by a little bit. But if you are in that ball park, you will be in a good spot. Having great content is vital. But having consistent content arguably matters more. As people put you into their routine, you are more likely to get their views each time.

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