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How A Terminix Termite Inspection Unfolds


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It happened in the past, but there is no telling that it can’t happen again. But now that you are reading this short story on how a terminix termite inspection unfolds, you can at least do everything within your own power to avoid this happening to you and your community. One sure fire way to do this is to simply go natural. In doing that you will be utilizing the compound chlorantraniliprole that is derived from the bark of a plant indigenous to South America.

It has been found to be far more effective than the chemical compounds still being used today, certainly more so than the terminix method. Because the termite poison is truly organic it poses no threat to domestic environments, least of all children and pets, and certainly not pests like termites. Like most other formidable insect like creatures, like the ever present cockroach that everyone hates, termites have the ability to develop an immunity to chemicals. 

Because they cannot smell or taste the natural compound, they are simply knocked out for a six, stone cold dead. Now that you have made yet another new discovery on just how going organic can enrich your life, make it healthier and safer, you no longer need to bear any unpleasant grievances. Let those big extermination companies like terminix bear the brunt of further lawsuits if they like. Terminix was, once upon a time, sued for millions due to causing grievous harm to human environments, as opposed to effectively eliminating a termite pestilence as promised.

The compound developed from the indigenous South American plant is synthetic. But it has absolutely no negative effect on humans, animals or plants. But it is highly effective against the termites. Put this in your rule book as one more environmentally responsible thing to do, especially if you are still sitting with a termite problem. The irritating bugs unwittingly end up consuming their poison. Not only that, they carry it on their bodies, and after making contact with other colonies, they spread their own infestation even further.

And then they all die.